How to Watch Pay-Per-View (PPV) on FireStick (2024) For Free

Watch Pay-Per-View (PPV) Free on FireStick : In this post, I will show you how to watch PPV fights for free on Firestick tv, Android, iOS, Roku, Apple TV, Android TV boxes and smart TVs .

You can use all the official apps on other devices to start streaming PPV events, but with FireStick you can stream live matches in HD at up to 4K quality and also download them for offline viewing . here We covers all FireStick variants such as FireStick Lite, FireStick 4K, FireStick Max, Fire Cube, and Fire TV.

What is Pay-Per-View (PPV)

Pay-Per-View (PPV) is a way of selling television programming where consumers purchase access to content.

It is also used in the video game industry to allow players to pay for upgrades or new levels.

A PPV service provides a live, on-demand stream of entertainment content, such as sporting events, movies, TV shows and more. The consumer can then view the content at their convenience by paying an amount that varies based on the length of time they want to watch it.

The total cost may be less than what one would normally pay for traditional channels but typically there are some limitations as well. For example, a consumer might only be able to watch their favorite movie once and not get access again until after a certain period of time has passed or they have reached a certain number of views within a given period of time.

watch ppv on firestick

Viewers at home can pay for PPV events and see an exclusive feed of the event on their television, similar to how people buy tickets to watch live matches in an arena.

We can stream new events from around the world via our computers and smartphones instead of being connected to cable TV at home.

This is how you can watch PPV (Pay-Per-View) on Firestick, an app that streams video content on your Firestick Devices.

Why Are PPV Events Excluded from Normal Subscriptions?

PPV events are excluded from normal subscriptions because they are not available to all customers. These events include boxing, UFC, wrestling, and more.

The subscription is still offered to everyone who has a basic or premium subscription but the PPV events will be blocked. PPV works best with an account that is never cancelled or disconnected that has been paid in full and the customer must also have access to a reliable internet connection.

What Is Amazon Fire Stick

We know that Firestick is the most popular streaming device. It can play movies, TV shows and series on it too!  You can watch PPV programs through a separate app from Firestick, not directly from the main apps of Firestick as well.

Can I Stream PPV Events for a Cheaper Price on FireStick?

If you are looking for a cheaper way to watch PPV events, then the answer is yes. There are many sites that provide you with this service like Kodi and it is easy to install on your FireStick.

FireStick comes with its own app store where you can download and install any apps which might be of use. Kodi  is an official app store of the FireStick smart TV device. It is a free media player applications which supports and allows you to enjoy best streaming services like PPV as easily as possible. With FireStick you can watch good  PPV via a best option, using your TV

Attention, Firestick Users!
Governments Agencies can watch your online activity and accessing copyrighted content on your Fire TV Stick could be a serious trouble. Presently, your IP is monitoring by Government. It is highly recommended that you use a Best VPN service while streaming to hide your IP address That’s hides your identity Online, this will bypasses government surveillance, geo-blocked content in Your Country, and ISP throttling (which also helps in buffer-free streaming).

I personally use ExpressVPN is the fastest and most secured VPN in Internet World. It is very easy to install on any device including Amazon Fire Tv Stick. You Can get 3-months free and save upto 50% on its annual plans. Also, it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with This Service, you can Get refund.

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What to DO Steps Before Buying PPV Event?

Before you buy a PPV event, do your research to make sure it’s something that you want. To watch PPV without cable, you need to do some things before enabling a PPV event on FireStick. You can’t just call your cable provider and ask them to show the event you want to see right before it starts.

You need to make sure that the relevant app is installed on your FireStick before going forward with this Event because many apps are available for download through Amazon’s App Store.

You have to buy Pay Per View events in order for them to appear under your account on FireStick, which is a streaming service that allows you watch TV anywhere you want and stream it live or download it later so you can watch at anytime.

PPV is a service that you need to pay for on the website first before you can watch it live. Make sure you have a working internet connection (at least in double-digit) so that you can watch the PPV event without any problem on Firestick or Android TV box!

Best Apps & Services to Watch PPV on FireStick

Now, I will start the list with apps and services officially available in the US. And then I will discuss a couple of options to stream PPV on FireStick devices (from UK).

you don’t have to worry about watching PPV fight on your Firestick from anywhere in the world because I will show you how later in the end.

1. ESPN+

espn+ ppv Firestick apps

Espn+ is the sports television brand of Espn. It was formerly known as Espn+, but changed its name on July 1, 2018. This new brand focuses on live sports streaming, with a focus on all your favorite leagues and teams in a variety of sports. This brand’s  new logo,  while keeping to ESPN themes and colors , reflects both the old brand name as well as a new direction in sports-related broadcasting.

The normal subscription starts at $6 per month or $69 per year if you have cable TV, but there is also an option of getting access to ESPN without cable by using this subscription.

2. UFC

ufc fight pass ppv on firestick

Along with ESPN+ and UFC Fight Pass, you can watch the events on their streaming services for free at first but then have to pay if want to keep watching them after that period has passed.

You can get live fights, shows, and events in a variety of combat sports after signing up for UFC Fight Pass. It is a good way to watch the content you want without paying lots of money. Depending on what the event  is, you might be required to sign-up  for a UFC Live package which costs extra.

You can log in with your subscription to UFC Fight Pass and watch tons of videos on the official UFC app for Firestick.

3. Showtime

showtime ppv fight on firestick

Showtime is a TV channel that shows some famous and popular series such as Dexter, Shameless, Suits and more. It’s a well-known name in the US at the moment.

Showtime is a website that streams PPV events such as those mentioned above. It costs around $10.99 per month to subscribe to it and there’s no free trial option available on the site either so you need to be aware of how much money you will have if you decide to purchase Showtime subscription after going through their checkout page.


fite tv ppv firestick

FITE streams a lot more than just pay-per view events in their channels! They also stream many kinds or shows for free at different times all over the internet. If a fight like this happens in the US, it will be on FITE TV. It is also an option for people who live outside of America and Canada too.

FITE is the leading global digital distributor for the industry’s marquee shows, including Triller Fight Clubs: Tyson-Jones Jr, Jake Paul-Ben Askren, De la Hoya-Belfort, as well as AEW, Impact, WWE, ROH, KSI-Logan Paul 2, Canelo vs GGG 1 & 2, PBC/Fox, Top Rank/ESPN, BKFC, NWA, GCW, ONE, Invicta MMA, TrillerVerz and Verzuz Events, South American World Cup Qualifiers, MOTO FITE Klub, Big3 Basketball, and iconic music events like KISS 2020 Goodbye.

5. Sling TV

Sling TV offers select Pay-Per-View programming such as boxing, mixed martial arts, wrestling and other special events. Sling TV is an affordable way to watch many channels on your television or computer screen, but you need to subscribe first before it works right away!

You can watch boxing, MMA and other combat sports events in Sling TV as pay-per-view content. To get information about upcoming PPV events that are available for sale, go to their website with your account and then click on the Event tab at the top of the page where it says “Event.”

6. Dazn

dazn ppv fight on firestick

DAZN does not charge a lot of money for watching sports, but it allows you to watch them whenever you want without having to pay extra fees or take up your time with things like commercials each time the games are shown on TV.

DAZN does not provide pay-per-view events, but it offers one membership plan that includes access to many exclusive fights.

DAZN is one of the top sports streaming services for live and on-demand sports. It offers boxing matches, fight nights, documentaries, classic fights and more as PPV.

DAZN is a streaming service that offers online and on-demand sports events in up to 1080p Full HD. You can watch them on two devices at the same time with one subscription. For Fire TV, you get access to the live stream of all their content through this app.

7. Sky Sports

Sky Sports ppv fights firestick

Sky Sports is a well-known sports channel for its coverage of football (soccer), rugby, Formula 1 and live cricket. this Sports channel has been broadcasting sports events for many years and also has the rights to broadcast major sporting events like The FA Cup, The Barclays Premier League, UEFA Champions League, Bundesliga, La Liga and much more.

You can watch PPV on FireStick with Now TV app if you’re a Sky Sports customer, or use the “NowTV” channel to get it from any other satellite provider that offers this service, Once you buy the PPV fight from the Sky Sports website, it will show up in your Now TV app.

How to Watch PPV on FireStick

If the PPV match is being held in America, chances are that UK subscribers will have a cheaper price to air it over there. The same goes for when you’re on the other side of things and watching it live from somewhere else.

If you are from the US, you can’t access apps and services if you’re in another country. With a VPN trick, you can watch the PPV fight for free from anywhere in the world. Even you  can tune in from your iPad, iPhone or MAC.

Connect with a VPN service like ExpressVPN and set them both up on your devices (Firestick, PC) . Now you are all set to access these apps, buy PPV events, and watch them on FireStick no matter where you are in the world!

a VPN connection allows you to use it without anyone knowing what sites or services that have been visited by your device, including ISPs and government agencies

 Legal Disclaimer: This Guide is purely for educational Purpose. doesn’t own any Addon, host, resell, operate or distribute any streaming apps,Device, addons, IPTV or services. this article contains some unverified services, and we are not certain whether they hold legal licenses to distribute the content Online. does not verify the legality of each apps/services/Addons in all regions. Do your due diligence if you use any of the unverified apps/services, and stream only content that is available in the public domain. The end-user shall be solely responsible for the media accessed.  

Watch Pay Per View for Free on Amazon FireStick TV

You don’t need to worry about using Kodi addons or IPTV services if you have a VPN that protects your privacy while accessing the internet safely.

You might end up streaming illegal PPV fights on your Firestick. Since you have Best VPN installed, no one would be able to see what you do online. If you haven’t set it yet, here are the steps:

Here are the some steps to install VPN on your Fire TV Stick devices.

Step 1: Now Subscribe to ExpressVPN HERE (if not subscribed already).

Step 2: Now Go to Fire TV Stick home screen. Then Click Find followed by Search option (see image below)

Step 3: Then Type Expressvpn in the search Box and Now select when it shows up.


Step 4: Then Click on Download.

Step 5: Now Open the ExpressVPN and Now Sign in using Your Login mail ID and password.

Expressvpn Login

Step 6: Then Click on Power icon for connect Express VPN server. That’s all. Your Fire Tv Stick is now secured Express VPN.Done Now You are protected with a Best VPN.

PPV Fights on Kodi Addons

Kodi has become a strong competitor to the traditional pay-per-view industry. In fact, in 2016 alone, the Kodi platform had a 14% growth rate over the previous year. What this means is that people are becoming more and more dependent on Kodi.

Kodi has PPV support. You can use it to watch sports on tv without cable or satellite.  The UFC App help you access different channels through your Kodi player so that you have more choice of what to watch when its time for a fight night or a big event in the world of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA).

Using the Kodi app, you can watch different movies and TV shows on your FireStick with a lot of content available for free in many other countries around the world like UK, Canada, Australia etc.. It’s called On Demand (using an addon).

Kodi PPV addons are now available on Firestick and they support it too. You can install them easily by my best Kodi PPV addon list .

You get access to FireStick PPV Kodi add-on for the program like FiteTube. All Kodi User can use this on your device when it is life time because you can watch Events that are not available in other countries all over the world at no cost and with no restrictions whatsoever.

PPV Sports Streaming Websites

The Internet has opened up the world to millions of people who have never before had access to professional sports. However, accessing this content is not a simple task. To get all the live action in an instant, users will need a reliable and safe platform that allows them to stream sports from anywhere on the planet.

What do you do when you need to watch sports without cable or satellite? Here are some of the best websites for streaming live sports on your computer, laptop, or smartphone.

use the Best Sports website for watching sports streams and browsing with Google Chrome or by using a browser called Silk on your Firestick device.

Watch PPV on IPTV Services

IPTV services not only show PPV fights but also give you unlimited entertainment as part of it. I’m talking about hundreds of live TV channels, movies, on-demand content, and more that are included.

Go through our list of best IPTV services and find the one that you like most.

How to Bet on PPV Fights

PPV (Pay Per View) is still considered to be the main way to watch boxing, but other options are emerging. Betting on PPV fights can be a great way to earn money, but it is important to know the different types of pay-per-view systems and how they work.

You can get support for watching PPV fights from most places by going to a lot of websites, but they are usually not updated in real time like MyBookie.

It’s easy to use the MyBookie website to find out which fighter has more power than another and who will win the fight that night! So Sign up on My bookie and Enjoy PPV Fights Live.

Wrapping Up

It is important that you make sure your device has a working VPN before trying it out with PPV on FireStick . Make sure there are no troubles when downloading these types of Content.

this was all about “How to Get PPV on Firestick” are available for other Fire TV devices as well, including the Fire TV (Gen 3), Fire TV Cube, Fire TV Edition Smart TVs, and soundbars. you can also check out our other articles on Amazon Fire TV Stick. Hope the article helped you to learn how feel better about watching PPV on Firestick.

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Legal Disclaimer: This Guide is purely for educational Purpose. doesn’t own any Addon, host, resell, operate or distribute any streaming apps,Device, addons, IPTV or services. this article contains some unverified services, and we are not certain whether they hold legal licenses to distribute the content Online. does not verify the legality of each apps/services/Addons in all regions. Do your due diligence if you use any of the unverified apps/services, and stream only content that is available in the public domain. The end-user shall be solely responsible for the media accessed. Any mention of free streaming on our site is purely meant for copyright-free content that is available in the Public domain. Read our full disclaimer.
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