Why Kodi is Not Working? Problems and Fixes 2024 [Solved]

Is Kodi not working for you? We’ll show you how to fix problems including freezing, crashing, buffering issues & video playback issues. Kodi is a great, free way to watch movies and TV shows on your television. Follow these troubleshooting steps on how to fix common Kodi errors including buffering issues and freezing if your channel isn’t showing up, or stuttering while watching. why it’s not working and then found out that most of the issues are easy to solve by just following a few steps.

Kodi Not Working – Comman Problems

There are several reasons why Kodi might not be working on your device. Problems with Kodi are usually caused by some software additional to the original program causing problems. You can try these fixes listed below:

Warning: Kodi should only be used for content to which you have the legal right to access. Neither the Kodi Foundation nor KFSTricks advocates the use of Kodi for piracy.

kodi not working problem fixed

1. Always Use Best VPN with Kodi

Kodi is no longer working? Yes, it’s possible your ISP has blocked all of the streaming requests originating from Kodi. It’s also very probable that your internet provider does this to other people as well. But there is no need to worry about it anymore. You can avoid it using a VPN for Kodi now.

A VPN is a way of masking all your streaming requests from your ISP. They will not even get to see them and they cannot tell who you are and what you are doing online.

This means that any information sent over the internet can be hidden by using a Virtual Private Network (VPN). When this happens, anyone outside of the VPN will not be able to see you.

ExpressVPN is my favorite VPN service, but it’s also the fastest and most reliable one I’ve ever used .  Why do I say this? Well, after trying several others in the past having to re-establish my connections a few times it seemed that ExpressVPN was always able to connect pretty much instantly.

Many other services make promises and then fail miserably when you actually try them out. However, never had any issues with speeds whatsoever while using this amazing VPN service.

2. Kodi Fails to Start (Crashes on Startup)

We have two different ways to get Kodi to work when it crashes on startup and refuses to launch.

Solution #1: Download the Latest Visual C++ Redistributable

If you’ve just installed a new copy of Windows or if your old computer is taking a long time, Kodi might not launch correctly until you restart it or do nothing at all for some time. Installing the latest Visual C++ redistributable fixes this problem in Kodi and it is important to be aware of its existence when you are installing a new version.

Go to Microsoft’s Official site and download the latest update.

Solution #2: Update Kodi to The Latest Available Version From Official Site.

It’s important to know that there are newer versions of Kodi, which have a lot more features and improvements than what you use now. Kodi has changed a lot since you last updated. You should update your Kodi Version to see if that fixes it.

Kodi 19.3 ‘Matrix’ is now available

3. Kodi Is Freezing, Pausing, or Crashing Frequently

If Kodi is Freezing or crashing too often, you should check to see if your version of it works properly.You will want to update Kodi (Current Update 19.3) as soon as possible if you haven’t done this yet and are using an older version of the software that might not be supported anymore in future. You can check the Kodi version on your device, Please follow the steps below.

1. Start the Kodi and click Settings on the upper left. You see a cog icon to your right, next to where you see ‘Add-ons.’ Click it, then select File Manager.

2. Then click “System Information” on the next window.

3. Here in Right Bottom Below, you will see a display showing what version of Kodi you have installed on your system. I am using Kodi Latest Version that works with all plugins and add-ons. If you don’t have the latest version, update Kodi to get everything working properly again!

When there is a new version of Kodi out, you should remove it from your system and install the latest one. This will make sure that you don’t have any conflicts with Kodi’s old versions on your computer.

I know that after you install Kodi, you might have to restart it each time because of the addons and settings changes. That is true. It happens every time when we reinstall Kodi on different devices or if it crashes in the middle of an installation process while trying to update itself from scratch again with a fresh new version downloaded from repository .

You can install Kodi on your Android from Google Play Store, on Windows from Microsoft Store, or directly with an app in the Amazon Appstore.

Kodi may get stuck in a constant crash/reboot loop because of a lot of reasons. For example, if you’ve installed custom builds, they could be the source and you need to remove them. Or if you’re trying to install a new version of Kodi and it keeps crashing, try removing the current version as well.

4. Kodi Streaming Problem

Kodi streaming is a problem for a lot of people. The new Kodi add-ons are emerging, which makes the issue even worse. When you are switching between platforms having problems with it, then there is a reason that your video falling apart.

kodi streaming

The most common streaming error is the ‘no stream available’ message that occurs in almost every add-on. It happens when you try to open a live TV channel, or an online service which may not have broadcasted yet, or if your ISP has blocked a torrent website URL for some reason. Here are Some Comman Streaming Problems listed below.

  • Kodi no stream available error
  • Kodi Buffering
  • Slow streaming
  • Kodi plays then stops


Multiple solutions are required because there are different ways you can solve these problems and there may be more than one problem with Kodi that doesn’t work at all, or it might not work properly

1 . Clear Kodi Cache

When you add different Kodi add-ons, your device tends to slow down and stop working. Not many of the added add-ons are technically sound so they would need to be removed in order for things to work again properly on your device.

2. Delete Unused Add-ons

Unused Kodi add-ons can also use a lot of space and buffer while streaming videos which causes issues with buffering. Follow the steps below to delete unused Kodi add-ons:

  • First Open Kodi > Then Go to Add-ons
  • Now Click on either Program Add-ons or Video Add-ons
  • Then Right-Click on the Add-on
  • Now Click on Information
  • Then Tap on Uninstall
  • Now You will have successfully uninstall the add-on.

3. Internet Connectivity Check

You need to check whether your internet connection is working properly or not. Most of the time, it is because of Internet Connection problems and we’re blaming KODI for this problem. For Good Streaming on kodi you need Good Speed Connection, You can check below.

  • Minimum speed required to streaming on Kodi = 5 Mbps
  • SD quality streaming = 0 Mbps
  • HD quality streaming = 5 Mbps
  • Ultra HD or 3D streaming = 25 Mbps

5. Kodi Repositories Not Working

The Kodi Add-on Repository hosts a lot of addons and builds, like popular games or other apps that you can find on your Streaming Device. Third-party repositories are created by independent developers. Nobody has control over what’s in them or how popular they are.

After you install a source, you download an addon or build from that source and then put it into your Kodi program and make sure it works correctly before putting other sources in your list of available ones for installing things like videos, pictures or music (addons).

Check :::: Best Kodi Addons

We can’t change the fact that our files are still stored on a remote server, but we could delete them from there. If you can’t install an addon or a build through Kodi, this usually means there is a problem with the server.

There are many popular repositories that work well and have low trouble rates, but there are some not-so-popular ones that do not work at all on your device. This happens because they don’t get enough attention or maintenance from the developers and mods teams in charge of the repositories: some settings are not set properly, or other problems occur in administration that does not allow the repository to function well. After a while these issues will come up again until they’re resolved.

If you think there is a problem with the repository, it may be because of incorrect configuration or by reinstalling the software. The simplest thing to do would be to just reinstall this and see if that helps. Sometimes, a problem might fix itself. You might want to restart Kodi and check if it makes the repository work again. If nothing seems to be working, uninstall Kodi and reinstall it so that maybe this will help you!

6. Kodi Build Can’t Remove Problem

Most Kodi users have add-ons that are obsolete and make them mad, so they cannot remove it from their device. But when they try to do this, the process stops working.

See Best Kodi Builds (Updated List)

Builds are not easily removed like add-ons. You can’t uninstall them because they’re built into the Kodi software itself and you have to get it back in its default settings.

1: Go to Kodi > Then Open Settings from the top menu

2: Then Click on File Manager > Now Double click Add Source

3: then A box pops up, Then click ‘None’ option > Now Paste this https://dimitrology.com/repo/ > Then Press OK

4: Now Name the repository as DimiKF > Press OK > Return Back to Kodi Main Menu

5: then select Add-ons menu > Now select Box icon at the top

6: Then Go to Install from Zip File > Find and select DimiKF

7: select plugin.video.freshstart-1.0.5.zip > Wait for the add-on to install

8: Go to Kodi Main Menu > Then Click on Add-ons menu > Now select Program Add-ons

9: Now Tap open Fresh Start > It will ask if you want to restore you Kodi configuration to default, Now select YES

10: Your Kodi will renewed again. Now Restart Kodi and Enjoy!

7. Kodi Stopped Working Suddenly

I thought that maybe something happened to the Kodi file causing it not to work properly. So I reinstalled it and it started working fine again. that’s the kind of problem you are stuck with, I reckon reinstallation is the only solution. However, know that this will cause you to lose your Kodi data and your installed add-ons will be gone.

You can Ask in Kodi support forum . there are Many Cord cutters ready for help to each others.

8. Failed to install a dependency Error in Kodi

Kodi Addons are different from regular apps in that they depend on other things to work. As an example, we can take a browser addon like Kodi and use it’s HTML scrape feature to get media streams from the Internet by using websites that have streaming links for videos and audio files on them.

How to Install Fusion Kodi Addon

A common mistake for many users is to forget that they must call URLResolver() before using the repository. This results in errors and possible data corruption when trying to use a dead repository for multiple requests at once.

Solution: Disable repositories that no longer function so that Kodi will search in working repos instead.

How to disable a Kodi repository:

  1. First of all Launch Kodi and select the Gear icon to open the settings menu
  2. Then Go to File manager and locate the repo that needs to be removed.
  3. Now Long press the repo and a context menu will appear.
  4. Now Select Remove source.

9. Videos look strange or the colors are off in Kodi

If the colors look slightly wrong, it’s likely to be because of incorrect monitor settings. It is a very rare problem and might only appear on some videos.

If your video is too large or too small; because of You zoomed in or zoomed out accidentally. so When the video plays, Then click on the gear icon, after this go to video settings. You must look for the Zoom amount option – in case it’s something else, then you have found where your zoom level is too high. To make sure that you have set the brightness and contrast properly, you might want to check it with another device or try adjusting them.

10. Kodi addon searches and streams not working

There is an error on Kodi that makes searches, updates and streams stop working completely or partially altogether. For example, if you may find that some addons can’t pull any newer or older content, check the date and time on your device to see when it was last updated. If this happened a long time ago and is still not available, that may be why it isn’t showing as available in the first place.

How to Install Exodus Redux & Exodus V8 Kodi Addon

Kodi and its addons use the system time to correctly pull data. If that information is wrong, you may not find things when you search.

11. My YouTube addon doesn’t work

Due to changes that YouTube made in its API, the Youtube Kodi addon and any other third party add-on have needed some new configuration settings for their users to get it working again.

12. Kodi Buffering Issues

The most common problem associated with Kodi is buffering, which means that when playing a video on Kodi, it takes too long to buffer and then starts streaming at normal speed again. This usually happens if there is not enough bandwidth available in your internet connection.

When my Kodi app is not working, I usually uninstall and reinstall it. It fixes a lot of problems for me. But when I run into buffering issues, there are more things to do than just reinstalling the app again.

Do you want to erase everything? Go to Settings > System and select Reset Kodi.

If you are having issues with buffering, make sure your internet connection is strong enough to handle the load.

Here’s a quick fix that works with many popular add-ons:

  1. Just Open “Add-ons ” after this >>> Video add-ons
  2. Now Select the addon that’s having trouble. Scroll down and select the Tools option. This may be called something different depending on the addon you’re using.
  3. Then Select the options to Clear providers and Clear cache

13. Kodi Fails to Connect to a Source

Kodi repositories get installed with the provision of a path to the source. After installing a repository, a popup says Kodi is unable to connect to a source or the repository or add-on cannot be accessed.

First, make sure that you’re typing the URL correctly. You can check this by looking at the address bar and ensuring that it matches what you’ve typed in. If not, try entering it again. If that doesn’t work, it is possible that the repository has moved to a new URL. The repository might have gone offline for some reason such as maintenance or an update.

14. Reinstall Kodi

The steps mentioned above will not solve your issue, you might want to consider a fresh Kodi installation. You can either do this manually by downloading your preferred version from https://kodi.tv/download or contact our support team and we will help you out with the installation process.


Kodi is a media player that can be installed on any device. It is highly customizable and lets you watch videos, listen to music, and even play games. The best way to prevent Kodi problems is by installing a VPN and using it to protect your privacy. There is no solution that can’t be solved, and Kodi is not working not an exception.

If you think your Kodi problem is different from which provided in this guide, don’t hesitate to post a comment below, and our editorial team will respond as soon as possible.


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