Best APKs for Streaming Free Movies & Live TV Shows 2024

Best APKs for Streaming Free Movies & Live TV Shows :- Here is a continuously updated list of the apk movie apps for TV Shows and Movies at any time, so you don’t have to search all day long looking for your favorite movie or show!

In the world of online streaming, there are thousands of options for what to watch. There are a number of services that can help you get the best quality and choices, but which one should you use? In this article, we will compare some of the best movie apk sites so that you can choose the one that’s right for you.

If you are a film buff looking for free streaming apps with no ads, then here’s what we’ve got: many great choices right at your fingertips!

These apps have been tested on the Many Streaming devices: Amazon FireStick, Fire TV Stick Lite, Fire TV Cube, Android TV boxes, Nvidia Shield, Android smartphones & Mac Systems.

By Jailbreaking your Firestick, users can install 3rd party apps not available through the Amazon App Store. Users can use these to stream movies, TV shows and much more from their device’s browser or app store. If you would like to Jailbreak your Firestick, I suggest a step-by-step process that has been used by millions of people.

How to Jailbreak Firestick

Best Movie APKs for Streaming Free Movies & TV Shows

If you want to watch the latest Hollywood or Bollywood movies then our list of best free hd movies apk apps for Firestick, Android, Mac, Windows is what you’ve been looking for. It will give you the top movie apk quality and experience which can be enjoyed on your Streaming Devices.

Best APKs for Streaming Free Movies & TV Shows

We created a list with the Best Streaming APKs of 2024 that you can install to watch movies and series.

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1. Cinema HD

Cinema-APKCinema HD is an app that lets you watch recent and popular movies as well as TV shows for free. Cinema is an easy-to-use streaming app that people are starting to use more and more. It has a lot of movies and TV shows, so it’s very popular now.

The app is really easy to use and has a lot of links, which you can view in 1080p. You also get access to real-debrid so that you do not have any trouble with HD links or tracking what you are watching on TV shows like Breaking Bad, House of Cards and True Detective .

Cinema HD App Features

– Cinema hd is a streaming service that offers movies and TV shows.

– It has a library of over 10,000 titles.

– You can watch them on your computer, tablet or phone.

Install Cinema Hd app via this Guide.

2. Kodi

Kodi is still one of the most popular ways to stream movies and TV shows today. Though it wasn’t as big as Netflix, it’s still an app that millions use at home every day. Streaming on kodi is made possible by 3rd party Kodi addons that let you view videos online for free or for a price in the form of money or subscriptions without anyone telling them what they can and cannot do with their device.

Kodi is an app for streaming video, but it does not have any videos itself. Instead, the app stores files known as repositories or libraries. Installing Kodi is simple on a lot of Android devices. Simply search the Google Play store for Kodi and click the install button. You can easily watch live television or sports with a Kodi device like an Amazon Fire Stick. It plays all kinds of local content from around the world too!

Kodi features are:

  • 1. A built-in library with thousands of add-ons that can be installed in order to provide extra functionality for the Kodi software.
  • 2. Live TV and movies through an addon called “Live TV”.
  • 3. Addon for watching movies and shows online without using any service provider like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video as it uses your local file system instead of streaming from remote servers.
  • 4. Ability to watch your favorite Kodi add-ons (and you can have more than one at the same time), such as movies, YouTube channels and TV Shows in a box of particular folders that is accessible from “Live TV”.
  • 5. Many other features like set up live IPTV using Getflix script addon/server and then watching it in HD on any computer or mobile device even without internet connection with KODI HE VC Codec Pack Add-on.

3. Stremio

StremioStremio is definitely one of the best free Android apps that can be used to stream movies and TV shows. This app works by signing up for a service but can be used anonymously and with a VPN to stream content without any interruptions. Stremio offers its streaming service as a similar product to Kodi, which allows you to install third-party add-ons and experience free movies, TV shows, sports news and music.

This channel has lots of good stuff to watch. You can also get subtitles for the best watching experience. There are also some other cool features to make this app your favorite app for streaming movies; it has a Chromecast feature and calendar reminders so you can get notified about upcoming events.

Stremio Features –

  • Support for subtitles in multiple languages
  • Automatic download of subtitles when changing the playback speed
  • Playback of media with an external player and using your preferred remote control
  • A variety of additional file formats such as MKV, MP4, WebM, etc.
  • Access to online services like Netflix and Kodi without downloading them first
  • A built-in IPTV app which is completely customizable
  • Supports subtitles in different video resolutions from SD up to 4K UHD .

Check Our :- Best IPTV Services for Firestick Guide

4. Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time showbox alternativePopcorn Time is a movie app that lets you stream movies or TV shows of your choice. It uses the BitTorrent client to find and download magnet links for you (torrents) so it can play them on your device. The popcorn time app is similar to The Pirate Bay but is a more user-friendly solution.

Popcorn Time adds the ability, on your Android device, lets you all kinds of streaming content including movies and TV shows (embedded or not), subtitles in multiple languages as well as 3D quality profiles for many titles . This device also lets you add support for streaming movies and TV shows over 3G as well.

Popcorn Time has been labeled by some people as the better alternative to kodi with lots of features. Use Best VPN whil you stream any content Online.

Popcorn Time Feature –

The software offers several features like; playback speed control (speed up/slow down), subtitles in many languages (optional), search function and so on.

5. TeaTV

TeaTvTeatv is the best android tv box player with original TV guide, on screen remote and kodi built in. This App was built as an Open Source Application but most of its features are great! Because it has a Full HD display you can see what happens fast!

It’s not just one type of video file that TeaTV supports either – it also has support for MKV , MP4, MOV and AVI files.

this Apk has a lot of features and will be able to work on different devices. It is also compatible with many other apps and services, like Fire TV Stick and Android TV boxes, VLC Media Player, MX Player , Real-Debrid, Trakt integrations.

TeaTv Feature –

  • TEATV allows you to watch TEATV in full HD quality with all the features that come with it such as pause, rewind, and fast forward without interrupting your viewing experience.
  • A TV screen saver is another great feature that you can use when watching TEATV online. You can select a background image from our library or upload one of your own for a beautiful visual treat while you’re enjoying TEATV.
  • You also have access to our free movies and tv shows so there’s always something new for you to enjoy!

6. FilmPlus

FilmPlusFilmPlus is a good app for those who want to watch movies and TV shows on their Android device. It provides the best quality of HD streaming, which means you get to enjoy all your favorite films in full HD quality without having to worry about data usage or buffering. This app also has subtitles for many languages, so it’s perfect for international audiences.

You can even use this app as a substitute for cable TV by choosing from more than 20 different channels with thousands of programs available at any given time. you can use it on FireStick, Fire TV, Android TV boxes.


FilmPlus Fetures –

  • FilmPlus is a mobile application that lets you watch movies on your phone or tablet with subtitles in the language of your choice.
  • With this app, you can watch TV shows and films on your device without downloading them first.
  • It also has features like search, favorite lists, and ratings for all the content available in it.
  • The app also has social media integration to share videos with friends via Facebook and Twitter
  • It’s free to download.

7. MediaBox HD

MediaBox HD apkWe have a new app for watching movies called MediaBox HD. It’s free and you can download it now from the Play Store or Apple App Store and can use it to watch movies on your smartphone without any hassle.

A simple and intuitive interface makes MediaBox HD the perfect choice for streaming media. It’s a great way to watch TV shows and movies, listen to music, play games or browse the web – all at once. There are many options to customize your media experience too. MediaBox HD Apk is called by best free Netflix alternative.

The difference between mediabox hd and other similar services is that it offers high-quality video quality with no buffering or low resolution. This makes it an excellent choice for people who have a slow internet connection as they will not experience any buffering while watching their favorite shows or movies on the go.

MediaBox HD Feature –

  • Mediabox HD features an optimized user interface and a sleek design for improved efficiency.
  • It comes with additional tools like integrated LiveChat, which allows you to engage your customers in real-time conversations about your products or services.
  • The Mediabox HD has also been updated with improved graphics and quality video recording options, as well as streamlined export and import tools that make it easier than ever to organize content for sharing on social media.

Best Showbox Alternatives List

8. Cyberflix TV

cyberflix-tvCyberflix TV is a platform that allows you to watch your favorite TV shows on your computer, phone, or tablet. You can find the best titles by filtering the content based on genres and age groups. Cyberflix TV is a live streaming platform for all kinds of entertainment.

You can watch movies, shows, and sports events online or on your mobile device. it’s Terrarium TV clone. Cyberflix TV is a platform that offers streaming services for free movies and TV shows, with no ads or subscriptions required. It is available on most devices including Android, iOS, Roku, AppleTV, Chromecast, FireTV and more. There are currently 200+ channels of content to choose from.

Cyberflix TV Features –

• It helps you watch the most popular and trending TV shows that are released in all parts of the world.
• You can watch live TV channels from anywhere in the world with just a single click.
• It has an advanced search engine that lets you find any show you want to watch on this platform quickly and easily.
• You can watch movies and series online for free or pay as per your wish!

9. Typhoon TV

Typhoon TVTyphoon TV is an awesome and FREE movie streaming app for android users that uses YouTube as its source of videos, just like TitaniumTV. It provides live and on-demand video content from any device with any operating system, anywhere in the world. It’s designed to allow you to collaborate easily with co-workers, partners, and customers across devices and locations. Its built-in tools make it easy to manage your business’ online presence through a single interface.

this app have many categories include Trending, Recently Updated, New Shows, Premieres, Airing Today, Most Popular, Most Played, Most Watched, Top Rated, Netflix & Hulu, and various genres of movies and TV shows.

Currently :- This app Shut Down, No longer Available online

Typhoon TV Features –

  • Stream over 10 million hours of TV each month.
  • High quality picture with no buffering or interruption.
  • HD 720p resolution available on Roku, Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV.

10. CatMouse apk

catmouseCatMouse APK is another fork of Cinema HD. One of the reasons it’s one of the best streaming APKs is that it doesn’t display ads. CatMouse is a good streaming app because it doesn’t show any ads when you are watching videos or music on your Streaming Devices.

CatMouse APK is a free Android app that lets you watch the latest movies, videos, and music without spending any money on premium content deals with certain providers like CBS All Access or Amazon Prime Video right from your phone!

CatMouse is also safe for streaming. It can’t be downloaded from the Google Play Store so you should use a VPN to protect yourself if you stream it online or share it with others who might have malicious softwares.

CatMouse APK Features –

  • No ads in this app
  • this app’s library regularly updated
  • there are thousands of movies, series, TV shows available for streamed online.
  • All contents are available for free.
  • You can Stream videos in the in-built video player that support almost All video formats.

11. Bee TV

beetvappBeeTV apk is a streaming service for watching TV shows and movies. It’s easy to use, responsive and well managed by experienced professionals. You can request for any new content on BeeTV at anytime, and they’ll get around to adding them very soon after your request is made. The app Bee is great for streaming all of your favorite movies and TV shows, without having to download them first.

You can watch them on the go with ease! Both Real Debrid and Trakt work great with Bee. They are both supported inside of the app, so there is no need to download anything else in order for them to work together properly.

Beetv can also be found within our list of Best Firestick apps

BeeTv Features –

  • BeeTV is a free, ad-supported streaming app.
  • It has a simple interface that’s easy to use.
  • It has a large library of content, including movies and TV shows.

12. Nova Tv

nova-tvNova TV is another new and exciting streaming service that will give you the best experiences on APKs, so far! this app is yet another fork of the popular Terrarium TV. You can also watch TV shows and movies in 1080p, HD, and 4K. it can streaming content on FireStick, Fire TV, and Android TV boxes. It has a clean and easy-to-use UI, on this app all content is frequently updated with the latest releases.

Novatv Feature –

It is a new free app with fresh features that has amazing integrations and no subscription or registration is required. You can cast it on Chromecast, too!

13. Syncler

syncler appSyncler is an app that can access different types of services on your phone like TV channels, music streaming, etc., with one subscription plan for both live television and video-on-demand programs

Syncler uses Real Debrid and works like Kodi and Stremio, which means you’ll need add-ons to stream movies. You’ll be able to get high quality links on this application. Another interesting feature is that Syncler is a good app for syncing your progress on movies and TV shows.

Syncler App Features –

  • it’s a lightweight app.
  • You can add third-party provider packages or scrapers to Syncler.
  • You can create your own custom scrapers with Syncler.
  • You can watch your favorite movies and tv shows later even when you are offline.

14. Viva Tv

Viva tvViva TV APK provides you free movies and TV shows of different languages on a single platform. Viva is a new streaming app that’s gaining popularity rapidly among the masses because people like it so much to use it for viewing streams in high quality resolutions such as 1080p, 4k and many more!

Viva tv is a movie streaming platform that has more than 100,000+ movies and TV shows. It offers HD content with more than 3,000+ titles in various languages.

Viva TV has a crisp and clean layout like no other. The library is almost endless for those who watch movies all the time. this app can Stream your favorite movies and shows with supported integrations like Real-Debrid and Trakt. They make it easy to stream great content from your favorite sites or apps on your Android, iOS, Mac OS X or Windows PC.

VIVATv Features –

  • It is available on the web and through apps on mobile devices such as Roku, Apple TV, Android TV, Amazon FireTV and Chromecast.
  • You can watch free movies or pay for a subscription to access movies or TV shows from anywhere anytime.
  • The app also includes an option to download videos for offline viewing which makes it easy to watch when you’re travelling without internet connection.

15. Tubi TV

Tubi tv Showbox alternativesThe tubi tv app is a simple, one-stop entertainment solution that brings the best in entertainment to you.

Tubi TV offers a wide range of original and licensed content from all over the world with unlimited access to hit movies, popular TV shows, music videos, live sports events and more.

Tubi TV features high quality streaming services like Amazon Prime Video for blockbuster films and critically acclaimed series such as ‘House of Cards’ or ‘Black Mirror’. You can stream movies and TV series across various platforms, like smart TVs, Fire TV Sticks, Android devices, and iOS devices.

Tubi TV also includes the most complete social experience on television including recommendations from friends based on what they are watching at the moment.

Tubi TV Features –

  • TubiTV lets you watch your favorite series on the go!
  • Watch unlimited episodes or catch up on all the latest new shows.
  • Choose from over 100,000+ hours of free TV episodes with no commercials or subscription fees.
  • Search through our library of top rated shows and find something to watch instantly.

16. Ocean Streamz

Ocean StreamzOcean Streamz have a huge collection of movies. The app can be installed on any android device such as mobile phones, Firesticks, Fire TVs, Nvidia Shield, and also in Windows PCs and Mac. Ocean Streamz APK does not host any movies/TV shows on its servers. All they do is crawl the other streaming sites to get the streaming links for the latest movies. Once they get the good quality streaming links they let the users watch them for free.

Ocean Streamz Apk is free from annoying ads. You can stream your favorite shows without the hassle of ads. The app has no pop-up ads or displays ads. Ocean Streamz Apk lets you download your favorite shows to watch later, even when you don’t have an internet connection.

Ocean Streamz Features –

  • it has Simple interface.
  • Movies can be viewed in 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p and 4K quality.
  • The simpler design makes it easy to search for your favorite movies and navigate inside the menu.
  • In addition, the app broadcasts live from a variety of genres, including news, entertainment, cartoons, and games.
  • The stream has no buffer.

17. Pluto tv

pluto tv firestickIf you want to watch other stuff besides movies and TV shows, Pluto TV may be the perfect Android streaming service for you. If you want to watch other stuff besides movies and TV shows, Pluto TV may be the perfect Android streaming service for you.

Pluto TV is a streaming service that offers movies, television shows and music from the leading entertainment industry. It can be accessed through Android or Windows devices with apps for Amazon’s FireTV, Chromecast and Roku players as well as on computers via Google Chrome browser extensions & Mozilla Firefox add-ons.

Pluto TV Features –

  • this app is free and legal to stream
  • there are no ads
  • No sign in required
  • there are Huge library of cartoons, TV channels, movies, and series.

18. Vudu

vudu firestick appVudu is another app that you can use for free to stream movies and TV shows. It has the “Movies on Us” feature, which gives you a lot of films to watch for free with its “Movies on Us” feature. just Sign up for the free Vudu. with your TV provider and use it as part of their $9.99 or whatever subscription package.

It’s an app where you pay to watch good movie in your own way, but they need internet connection to download the movie into their device so they don’t have to use data while watching the film on mobile devices within free space limitations of the cellular network they’re connected to : while watching movies.

You can find movies that are hard to get on other apps (including paid apps). The app notifies you of upcoming movies and series before they’re released.

Vudu apk Features –

  • Vudu offers streaming movies, TV shows, music videos, and sports events.
  • It’s content can be streamed on its website or through an app that’s available for iOS and Android devices.
  • The Vudu experience has been likened to Netflix in the sense that it features high-quality programming without all the commercial interruptions that typically come with cable television.

19. Toonmania

ToonmaniaDo your kids like cartoons and anime all the time? Toonmania is for them! It’s nice to enjoy watching cartoons with your family. Toonmania is an app that streams cartoons in English, Japanese and Korean. It’s easy to use for any person who has a smartphone or tablet device with internet access and it features popular cartoon series such as the Simpsons, South Park, Futurama and other shows from Cartoon Network like Teen Titans Go!, The Amazing World of Gumball etc.

Toonmania apk Features –

  • it’s free app
  • No Sign in required

20. Rokkr APK

rokkr apkSimilar to Kodi, Syncler, and Stremio, Rokkr needs addons to work. This app allows the users to watch their favorite movies, TV series, shows, and other audiovisual content using a correct URL.

Rokkr is a great way to watch live TV on your mobile devices because it has many different network options for watching sports and other shows that air at different times.

The app will let you stream Live TV from the following channels: AMC, HBO, CBS and NBC.

Rokkr app Features –

  • Add URLs or files from your device and run the relevant videos.
  • You can watch movies, shows, serials, web series if you have actual URLs.
  • It is a simple & to the point TV-watching app.
  • You can also watch live TV using the Rokkr.

Final Thoughts on the Best Streaming Apks for Movies and TV Shows

You can use a lot of free apps when you watch TV online, but they put information in unprotected systems which may have been compromised by hackers or others so that other people could spy on you and steal your personal data. So you can either use Vpn for using the apps safely.

To protect your identity when streaming online, please use Our Best Vpn which is not only secure but also affordable and one of the most used names among users. A VPN makes you much more private when you are surfing the internet. It hides your IP address from websites, so they can’t see where you come from or go to on the web.

I hope you liked our list of the best movie APKs. To enjoy movies and TV Shows for free, you can use a streaming app that lets you watch videos without paying any money. Try out one of these apps and let us know what you think in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an APK?

An APK is an Android package file that contains the files required to install an app on your device.
When you download an app from Google Play, you are downloading its APK file.

Are APKs legal?

APKs are not legal in any way and it is always better to use an official app store like Google Play Store for downloading apps rather than risking your device by using APKs.

Which is the best APK for Movies TV Shows ?

There are a lot of apps to choose from like Cinema HD, Kodi, Stremio and many more.

is APKs safe to use with a VPN?

yes, they provide best security to you and safe.
A VPN will encrypt your internet traffic and hide your IP address.


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